Why I changed my Business Name

It's a big deal to re-brand. It takes a lot. It renders all marketing materials useless. The name and logo has to be changed on everything: email, social media, business cards, banners, website, etc. etc. I took some good time thinking about all of this before I began. For the last three years I have been known as Enclave Books. I have loved this name and it has served me so well as I began making books and selling to family and friends...then acquaintances, then friends of friends...then strangers!  As I have grown and discovered a more niche direction for my business I realized my love for the name had faded. It is no longer a name I'm excited about that's representative of me or the imagery I want to represent my business. A name and the accompanying image should first and foremost be fun, beautiful and inspiring! Flourish Book Co. is that. It's pretty. I enjoy writing it out on paper, I like the way it looks, I like the letters. It's fun! It's youthful and just, cool. If you've been following along with me on Instagram you may have noticed I am starting to create more books for weddings, both vow books and specialty, by-order-only wedding albums. So many exciting things! 

As well as supporting the imagery for a wedding, it supports WHY I continue to love and pursue this business. I live to see people flourish!! I believe my beautiful journals create a safe space for you and I to share, to create, to be so mad or sad or confused about how we feel, they support painting and poetry and rants, they welcome the hard stuff that is too much to speak, they filter and refine thoughts, they hold ideas and notes that will become businesses and degrees or reflections a year from now of who we were and who we're becoming. The pages of Flourish Book Co. become sacred, diverse and beautiful spaces for flourishing. We can't flourish until we face our inner worlds and my books are there to be a welcome mat to the often intimidating world of emotion and thought and creativity. They're in invitation to begin. 

Thank you all for being here and delving a little deeper into my story with me. I am so proud to present my new name: Flourish Book Co., my brand new website and storefront, and my new logo. The logo features my personal handwriting which was modified and perfected digitally by my endlessly talented husband, Anthony. The picture in my logo represents where I am, where I am from and where this all started, in Central Oregon. The picture, which accompanies the name, is a drawing of mine of a Juniper tree branch, the most common tree around Prineville, OR. I am so glad you are here and a part of my story. 

All my best, Whitney

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