May "How-To"

 Happy May, friends! 

It has been such a beautiful month here in Oregon. This Spring everything is exploding in Central Oregon because of the amount of snow pack we received this winter! Anthony and I are loving it. We have been hiking as much as possible to be outside and soak in the greenery. This month I began a new book finally! I was stoked to pick out a book for myself so I was impatient in finishing my last one. With a new book for me always comes excitement and fresh ideas for its pages. I realized that I say a lot "you can use a blank book for SO many things!" But it's a lot easier to believe that when it's shown! Here is my first how-to blog!

In the first signature (grouping of paper) of my book I took inspiration from a single tulip stem I had in a vase on my coffee table at home. I first used a pencil to sketch the outline of the flower. I used a method called a blind contour. This particular time it was definitely only a "partial blind contour" because I looked off and on to make the lines match up.

 In a full blind contour method you do not look at the paper you're drawing on at all, you keep your eyes fixed solely on the thing you're drawing and so, so slowly draw as your eye follows the lines of the thing you're sketching. It's an interesting method and a great practice in giving up control of how an image will turn out in the end! I like the freedom it gives my drawing to not look. The lines turn out a little squiggly and imperfect and I typically am more satisfied with what I make when I'm not trying to force a perfect image onto paper. 

After the pencil sketch was done I filled it in with watercolor! I like to do a wash of color first to get the whole space full of color and then go back and add a little more texture. I'll use a dry brush or do a lot of little tapping motions with the brush to get those different textures and amounts of color in varying spots. I enjoyed doing the different angles of the flower right next to each other and I felt really proud of how they turned out. I don't have a lot of experience drawing or painting but I think the brave and powerful part is to try and to learn and to honor myself for saying yes to creativity even when it's hard. 


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